A collection of stories and thank yous from Anthony Head fans around the world. Because everyone needs to know the impact he has on peoples lives.
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Thank you so much

Mr. Head,

Firstly, I am so glad I found this page. I’ve been wanting to tell you the impact you’ve had on my life for over a year now, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Now here it is, the perfect opportunity, so here I go.

My family and I started watching Buffy a couple of years ago. My parents hadn’t watched it when it originally aired, but we were all Joss Whedon fans, so we gave it a try. I instantly related to Willow, because she was exactly as I was at that time, though I was a bit younger. I also really liked Giles. The way he cared for the Scoobies and how he didn’t really fit in struck a chord in me. As we watched, I liked him even more.

While we were watching the third season of Buffy, we started watching Merlin. Living in America, we started when the third season was airing here and watched the first two on reruns. I instantly realized that Uther was Giles, and I was the only one in my family who liked him. What I quickly realized was that I didn’t like Uther, I liked your portrayal of him. When I realized this, I really started taking an interest in the actors/actresses that I was watching in shows and movies. I started to learn about you and all of the amazing things you do. When I discovered Music for Elevators, I listened to all of the songs over and over to find every bit of meaning in them. Needless to say, they made me admire you as a person even more, and I started to really look up to you.

When I entered High School, I was able to participate in the school plays. I was very scared, but also very determined. I felt that I owed it to you to try it, even though I didn’t owe anything. I looked up to you so much that I was going to do it no matter how nervous, scared, or uncertain I was. I auditioned, got a part, and apparently did brilliantly. I got so many compliments, and the director, who was also my favourite teacher, even said to me, “I think we’ve found your calling.” With the next play, the same thing happened.

I always imagined myself being some kind of scientist when I grew up, but now I’m not so sure. I am very seriously considering a career in acting, and it is all because of you. You gave me the courage to try something new, which, as it turns out, I really enjoy and am good at. You are the best role-model I could have asked for, both on and off the stage/set/studio, and you are just being yourself.

Well, there you have it. You have changed my life more than I can portray through my clumsy use of words, but I think you get the gist of it. Thank you, Mr. Head, for being such a wonderful person and role-model to me and for giving me the confidence to try acting. I sincerely hope that I will get the chance to meet you some day, so I can tell you all of this in person.

Rachel         Ohio, USA

Di Straw Swadlicote South Derbyshire

Hi Tony , I sent a message in Draco’s book,but forgot to add who it was from.So here goes again ,and I hope you see this message now and know its from me .Thankyou for just being you and inspiring me to get better from my nervous breakdown.Last year at Wrexham Comic Con was terrific meeting you for the first time,but this year at Cardiff was awesome.You were so nice to me at Cardiff and I cannot describe how happy you made my day.

Your acting is unbelievable,and your kindness towards animals and other charities is amazing.You are such a star with your fans and respect every one of us.My hubby Pete thinks your the bees knees too and you even had a laugh with him when he asked you to have a drink with us in the evening.My new friends Casandra,Draco,Jasmin and Nicky were all so lovely when I met them at Cardiff ,and its all down to you.

You are an awesome actor and a great ,caring guy.Its an honour and a priviledge to be a fan ,and I hope to meet you again very soon.Take care Love Di Straw and Milo the greyhound XXX Looking forward to the new album BTW :) XXX 

I get you gave the book to Mr. Head. How was it?? How was HE? I would die to meet him... aww. Thanks!!!

The book is finished.

It finishes with a couple of empty pages preceded by the following:

These stories were collected in thirteen days and are the result of one post calling for submissions.

Consider how many more this book could have contained if that message had reached all of your fans, or if people were given more time.

That is why we finish this book with empty pages, they are waiting for the stories of everyone else who owes you something. Because, you see, there are thousands of them, and their ranks increase every day.

Good luck Anthony,

I know you’ll go on to touch the lives and hearts of thousands more.

Thank you.

Dear Tony,

I don’t know where to begin. I have so many thoughts here and I’m going to do my best to write something remotely coherent.

You are one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing on my TV screen. I first discovered Buffy around my senior year of high school. The first episode I saw was Ted, and I distinctly remember watching Giles walking out of the library, seeing Buffy there in the hallway, and immediately going to her to ask if she was all right. The amount of compassion I saw in that one little moment just stuck with me. Right away, I knew he was my favorite character. And so much of that is because of how much you brought to him. It’s like Joss said - you gave him the kind of emotion and sincerity that no one else could have. Throughout the whole series, I could always see in every second just how much he cared about each and every one of those kids. That’s always been such a huge deal to me, and it especially was at that time in my life. The last stretch of high school can be pretty hectic, as everyone knows, especially when you’re graduating at 16. There was a lot of loneliness at first, and once I’d finally made a few friends, that loneliness turned into constant worrying about their well-being and fear of disappointing or failing them, and on top of that I had my family to please. I was afraid to ask anyone for help when I needed it - I’d spent so much time alone, and as a result I wasn’t confident that anyone was willing to be there for me, and I didn’t really have anything stable to hold onto. That’s where Giles came in. There were so many times when I needed comfort and advice and had no one there to give me that, and Giles was the one I would always turn to. I’d watch his speech at the end of Innocence and feel like I was good enough, just because I knew he would think I was. And I remember so many times where I would sit in my room alone and scared, and imagining what Giles would say and feeling better. Two years later, it still works.

It didn’t take long for me to start watching every interview and video of you I could find. It still completely blows my mind that someone as sweet and wonderful as you can even exist. You quickly became my favorite actor and pretty much my favorite human being on the planet. You’re just one of those people who can make me happy no matter what, and I’m not sure I would be as happy with life and with myself as I am if it hadn’t been for you. Not only have you never failed to put a smile on my face, but you’ve been such a huge inspiration to me as a performer. I’m trying to pursue an acting career, and I owe a lot of what I know and what I’m capable of to you. Aside from things I’ve picked up from your performances, like the power of subtlety and sincerity, I remember watching a video where you talked about auditioning. You were saying how it’s important not to panic about everything that could go wrong, and instead to tell yourself that you have something to give to this role that no one else has, and that that is enough to help you succeed. Confidence is something I’ve had trouble with before, and you’ve really made a difference with that.

Another thing I really want to point out is that it’s because of you that I have people close to me who I trust. First of all, your portrayal of Giles made me believe that there are people like that out there who can love that much. And secondly, I found that there are people like me out there who understand how much a person can impact our lives even if we’ve never met them. I made some wonderful friends through you, and they have been willing to be there for me and believe in me through everything. So I guess what I wanted to say is thank you for making all that happen. Thank you for being the source of comfort that I needed so desperately. Even with all I’ve said already (and I’ve said a lot wow I really wasn’t expecting to write that many words), I can’t begin to express just how much you’ve meant to me. Even if I don’t know you personally, I am eternally grateful that you are a part of my life.



YOU!!! You… insensitive, annoying, unbelievably insufferable ass! Yes I’m talking to you, Mr. Anthony Stewart Head!

Do you have any idea of the misery you’ve caused to an innumerable amount of people over the years? You… with your sickeningly charming smile, and your unearthly adorable giggle, and your completely angelic singing voice, and your beautiful eyes, and perfect personality… Enough is enough!

Have you any idea how many tears have been shed because there is only one of you in the world? Have you any idea how many there are still in suffering because they have not yet experienced that one perfect Tony hug? Have you any idea how many sheets have had to be changed because of thoughts of you?

Of course you don’t, because you’re still out there spreading this disease, this illness of being a Tony Head fan. And once the sickness has been contracted there is no cure. You have doomed us! We have become slaves. And how do you repay us for putting up with you? Well, you just keep getting sexier with every passing year. It’s not supposed to work like that! And you have to go and keep getting yourself cast in more and more of the things we love. There’s no escaping that glorious face. Then there’s the last straw… You tirelessly make yourself available to those of us who have been cursed. We know that, if we wait long enough, you’ll one day come within our reach. It’s torture, that’s what it is.

All of this has become intolerable. So, here’s your warning. We can’t take it anymore. Stop being so damn perfect! Act your age… the age of a grouchy, crotchety old SOB who should not be all handsome, charming, and witty enough to make people decades younger go all wobbly at the knees. And while you’re at it, tell Sarah she’s making the rest of us look bad with all her brilliance and loveliness, too. You are both just too much… Stop!

A world of suffering fangirls and fanboys.

PS. Don’t you dare change, you bloody brilliant bastard!